There are some who are of the opinion that I’m wonderful, and believe I’ve helped them tremendously…and then, inevitably…there are those who…well, anyway…

Here are some thoughts from those in the first category!

Char came into my life when I needed assistance in clarifying how I wanted to proceed in my personal life. I had an idea of where I wanted to be but not how I could direct my energies to the desired goal.

Through our discussions and her probing questions Char helped me evaluate possible courses of action and then she encouraged me to act on chosen alternatives.

My time with Char was most helpful in assisting me to keep working at achieving my objective, finding that special person with whom I want to spend the rest of my life.



I received outstanding coaching from Char.  While other therapists/coaches were often comforting, I had not experienced such sharply focused and effective guidance as I did with Char, which is what makes her the highly effective Life Coach that she is.  Char cuts to the source of issues quickly, and with gentleness, but with great clarity will suggest the “prescriptions” or changes of behavior/thought patterns necessary to solve issues.

As Char has said: “(Behavior changes are) simple, but not easy”.  I have had to change behaviors that were very difficult, but with guidance from Char, they became clear in their truth, and I could manage to succeed in my changes.  It could take time to become clear enough to make the necessary changes, and Char was there to continue helping me be clear.

She is “straight to the point”, where the truth cannot be argued with, and I was able to face behavior change with Char’s acute direction.  The outcomes of my changes brought such highly positive and rewarding life experiences for me that I am deeply thankful to Char Elle En.  My significant successes have come straight from Char’s coaching.

The amount of time in Char’s care does not need to last long; Char is efficient and productive, so progress can be quick.  Char is not interested in continuing coaching that is unproductive, which is why I have trusted Char, and continue to return when I have a new issue to address.

I know that with Char’s coaching the issue will be efficiently addressed.  I always know Char is there for me with any future downfalls or new issues. I can return to Char and count on her for insight I am missing.  I rely and trust Char’s great wisdom.



My personal life was very complicated. I had no idea how to proceed.

After working with Char Elle En I was able to resolve what I wanted and how to understand my own strengths.

I received from her new skills and perspectives that I now use.



“Char provided me with insightful guidance as a life-coach. She drew from her depth of wisdom and years of experience to suggest solutions that seem right and true to my situation.

Her wit and smile helped keep even the heaviest moment manageable for me.”   ~



Char helped me gain back control of my life. I came to Char a broken, self controlled mess & left a strong, put together woman. Char taught me how to cope with being a divorced, single mother of 2 who was desperately trying to find the key to raising children in a broken home.

Throughout the year Char helped me with many of life’s transitions.  Some of those transitions included a new career, dating after marriage & dealing with family/friend relationships. I admire Char’s honesty & the love she showed me throughout the year that I met with her.

I had a handful of family/friends in our community recommend her. Now, if any of my friends/family need help with what life throws at them or just want someone to talk to, I recommend Char.

Char was a blessing in my life. I know she will be in yours as well.



 I am so grateful for the sessions I had with Char.  When life threw me a curve ball, and that ball hit hard, Char helped me learn coping skills for future happiness and success.  She has a wealth of counseling & coaching experience, is sincere, professional, and enjoys helping people learn to help themselves achieve happiness through tough situations from family/marriage issues, career situations, and when thinking of retirement.  I try to remember our sessions because life continually throws curve balls.

Lafayette, Indiana