Retirement Planning

It is not unusual for people to think that if they have “enough” money to retire, they are ready for retirement.

In a holistic sense, however, being ready for retirement requires more than just financial planning. Research has shown that having more money beyond what is necessary to meet our basic living needs does not significantly raise the level of happiness we feel. (Ask me for references regarding these statistics…interesting stuff!)

Real happiness comes from living a balanced life; it comes from recognizing that what really matters are loving relationships, giving and receiving acts of kindness and generosity, being passionately involved with activities that are fun and endeavors that matter to us, maintaining our bodies so they will serve us well throughout our lives, being intellectually curious and open to new and creative ideas, feeling compassion for all beings…human and otherwise, and feeling a sense of oneness with everything…a sense that we are all in this business of life together and are connected to each other in a deep and significant way.

One thing I know for sure. If you’re are not happy before you retire, retirement will not make you happy! If all the pieces of your life…those aspects sited above… have not been nurtured and practiced in your earlier years, you will not magically acquire these life aspects…these ways of being… in later years.

I often hear people say they can’t wait to retire so they can do whatever they want to do. They are often, however, unclear as to what that will be, or how it will be accomplished!

If this is true for you, you might consider taking a closer look at a more holistic approach to retirement planning!

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