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You know I’m a Transitions Life Coach, with a 20+ year background of experience as a Licensed Marriage &  Family Therapist. I love working with people who are looking to make a change/transition, or retire from what they are currently doing, and am excited about the relatively new field of Life Coaching!

Maybe you don’t know that I am a Baby Boomer.. long time hippy-type from the late 60’s who thought our generation was going to SAVE THE WORLD!

After awhile, I began to suspect that saving the world was going to be difficult, if not impossible, until I had a little more experience and general living under my belt!

I’ve spent many years, lots of energy, a sizable amount of financial resources, and much soul searching in the pursuit of more wisdom about what allows for good relationships, what brings joy and meaning to life, and what we mischievous human beings do that interferes with, and sabotages, our lives.

I would love to be your Transitions Life Coach as you explore how to be happy in your life,  and a resource coach for helping you figure out how to leave a wonderful legacy behind!