Life Coaching

My passion is helping people create more joy in their lives. I know I work better with some folks, and not so well with others.

Life coaching with Coach Char is a very special relationship…and a good match is important, as with many things in life!

I mean, it takes all kinds of people to make the world the wonderful place it is. Some of those different kinds of folks think I’m the next best thing since sliced bread, and others prefer their bread unsliced!

My approach is direct and honest. I prefer not to beat around the bush…

I like to get to the heart of it all as quickly as possible, so as not to waste your time, my time, or your money!

If you are wondering whether coaching with me would be a good fit for you, read on…

If What You Want Is…

  • A kick in the pants to do the work of living the life you want to live

  • Straightforward feedback regarding ways you are unknowingly sabotaging your life

  • Help with how to add fun to your life

  • A coaching partner to brainstorm ways to improve how you feel about your life

  • Someone to talk with who knows a lot, I mean a lot, about how to have good quality relationships

  • The truth…even if it hurts

  • Humor, even when you feel something is god-awful serious

  • Someone who sees things in a large picture way, rather than getting caught in the details of it

  • Someone who is smart in areas of life in which you may not be so smart

  • Someone who will assume you are smarter than you think you are

  • Someone who understands the difference between love, hate, and indifference

  • Someone who can help you see your life more clearly, and move you in a direction which will give you better results

  • Someone who has personally done a lot of the work being asked of you

Then I’m probably a good fit for you, and coaching with me may be a good decision for you!

If What You Want Is:

  • Easy solutions, instead of doing the necessary work to succeed

  • Answers to the burning question, “How can I get rich and famous?”

  • How to get your ex-husband/wife back? (Well, maybe I can help, and maybe not…and probably not in the way you think!)

  • How to make your current husband/wife become your ex-husband/wife? (Well, maybe I can help, and maybe not…and probably not in the way you think!)

  • Improvement in your relationships by getting others to realize they are wrong and you are right

  • How to get people to love you without working at being lovable

  • How to get people to respect you without having to be a better person

  • How can you feel better, without having to change how you think about things, what you believe, and especially not have to change what you do!

…Maybe it’s not a very good fit…

If you fall into the first category…Let’s talk!