Individual Coaching

Life Transitions Coaching can be done on a one-to-one basis, by phone, email, skype, and/or in person. It’s a partnership between the coach and the client where collaboration is a mutual back and forth process of exploring ideas and suggestions for changes which might improve the quality of the life you live!

Some folks are a good fit for coaching…at least coaching with me, and some…not so much…

Here are some points to ponder as you consider…


Are you curious about how your life could be better?

Do you wish someone could help you find a direction for where your life is going?

Are you self-motivated and able/willing to do what you say you want to, or need to, do to create a better life for yourself?

Are you able to see your own mischief and take constructive criticism about that mischief?

Are you able to see your role in the problems in your life, or at least willing to hear someone make suggestions  about the ways you get in your own way?

Are you a basically positive, forward oriented person who believes in the possibility of change?


If you believe you fit with these criteria and are ready to make change happen in your life, you are a good fit for me!

I’d love to coach you!

Let’s not waste time in making the shifts to your thinking which will help you create the life you want!