A collaborative exploration of ideas, life challenges, and solution-finding entered into by a life coach and a forward thinking, curious individual for the purpose of discovering how to best create the thing we wake up and do every day…otherwise known as life…what ever that means to each of us!


Explore various aspects of life such as time…and how you spend it, social connections, family dynamics…that just means how you interact with, and the quality of your relationships with, all the unique individuals whom you call family…friendships and how to deepen these connections, community involvement (the “give and take” and the “giving back” which allows you to feel you are connected to others, and that you’ve made a difference on the planet!)

Discover how to semi-fill your life with meaningful activities. I say semi-fill because some of your time is best spent doing nothing…being at rest…just being!

Find ways to structure your life so as to insure you occupy yourself with what you really want to be doing in your life.

Since life coaching is a fairly new discipline…although getting more attention by the day…

…many of you may have questions you’d like answered before you contact me.

Fair enough!

Here are some frequently asked questions…with answers, of course!

If your question is not in the mix, please let me know. Contacting me does not in any way commit you to hiring me, and I really don’t believe in “hard sell”. I want to be as sure as you are, if not more so, that working together is the best decision you can make…so…not to worry!

1. What the heck is life coaching anyway? Why might someone need a coach to learn how to live…doesn’t living just come naturally?

Life coaching provides information that may not be available from having attended one of our delightful educational institutions, and can provide insights that may not be readily accessible to us as we sit in the middle of whatever uncomfortable or down-right distressing situation we find ourselves in as we attempt to live happy, satisfying lives. In the same way that folks sometimes benefit from coaching as they learn to play a sport, become a singer, orator, or actor, etc. it can definitely be helpful to get help in learning the best strategies and tools for living well?

2.How does coaching differ from psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy deals with issues which are more severe and pervasive in life than the types of concerns dealt with in life coaching sessions. The issues in psychotherapy are serious enough to warrant a diagnosis of a mental, emotional disorder through the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM IV-R…soon to be the DSM V).

These disorders include Major Depression, Anxiety & Panic Disorders, Post-traumatic Stress Disorders, Addictions…both substance and non-substance addictions, Personality Disorders (Axis II), etc.

If these types of issues surface at any point in the coaching process, a referral to a mental health practitioner, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, etc. is appropriate and the responsible step for a coach to take.

If you are just wondering why you aren’t as happy as you would like to be, why your career is not going as well, or in the direction, you want it to go, if your relationships are not of the quality you want them to be, or other issues at this level of concern, then coaching may be a great thing to check out!

3. What age group do you work with…?

I think it is helpful to have lived a while before considering life coaching. It takes a while for us to have enough life experience under our belt in order to become aware of whether life is going well or not.

There is no set age when this occurs, but generally speaking, since the brain is not even fully formed until around age 25, it might make sense to give ourselves some time to explore life as an adult before concluding we are not being as successful at our lives as we would like to be…but again…no hard and fast rule about this!

If you’ve got an itch, let’s see if scratching it might help!

4. What if I initially think hiring a life coach is a good idea, but then change my mind?

No problem.

Just talk with me about it, and you can stop any time you want to. After all…you’re all grow’d up and you need to be absolutely thrilled with the coaching experience, otherwise we need to talk about why you are not. And as always, you need to do what you believe is best for you!

5. How many coaching sessions will I need?

While there’s no absolute, definitive answer to this question, I can say that generally I find folks generally benefit from 4-6 sessions to address most concerns.

However, having said that, it’s also true that some folks find their answers, and feel better, in less sessions, and some find that once they are into the process they want to continue for longer, to insure they max out all the value they came for.

It really depends. We can always talk about how many sessions you want to start with,  and I’ll make every attempt to keep the work as efficient and brief as possible while covering the areas of concern you want to address.

6. Do I need to travel to where you are in order to be coached?

Most coaching is done by phone, email, and/or Skype. If you are in the Lafayette, Indiana area, we can, of course, meet in my office…or a little coffee shop I know that serves great lattes!

7. How long is each coaching session?

Most sessions are approximately 30 minutes, although if we are into something…and on a roll…I will not stop the session based on time. I do like to work as quickly as possible, however, which is why I believe in a sort of “shoot from the hip”, straightforward approach, so we’re not wasting your money and our mutual time.

8. How will I know if you are a good coach for me?

One way to know is to call or email me, to get a sense of how we interact, and whether what I say makes sense to you, or sounds like a bunch of Huey…not to be confused with Duey, or Louie! (Same family…different fathers…)

9. How do we start…?

If you plan to go somewhere, but aren’t sure where you want to go, it’s helpful to figure that out first, before you begin the journey.

It helps to have a map, and a plan, to get to a place that brings satisfaction and joy to your life.

The first step in your coaching journey, is to answer questions about yourself, your life, where you have been in your life thus far, and what you want in your life…if you knew it was possible to achieve it.

This process of questions & answers is a brainstorming, non-judgmental process into what you really want to have in your life, and what you really want to be doing for the rest of your life!

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions, and the focus can, and does, shift, as needed, as we fine-tune how you really feel and think about your life and where you want the journey to take you.

As your life coach, I will be there at each step to guide and support you while you answer the questions that will lead you to the life experience you want, and allows for a legacy you can be proud of!

If you’re still wondering,  click here for more about how I work and the type of approach I take to coaching.

More questions…?  Let’s talk!