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Hello! Coach Char here with some information about something of interest…

I am your go-to coach for all issues associated with the plethora of transitions we travel through in the course of our lives.

And here’s the information I popped-in to give you!

There is a delightful website call Ezine Articles click here that allows writers of all persuasions to publish their thoughts for all to see!

I am a Diamond Level Author on the Ezine website, of which I am proud. The Diamond Author distinction delineates me as one of their best authors, with consistency in submission of  quality article material, and a level of expertise in the articles I write that makes what I write worthy of reading…

Give it a try…read what I have to say on the Ezine site…and, as always, I welcome comments as well as random, and not so random, thoughts from each of you!

Click Here to see my site and some of my articles on the Ezine Magazine Website…and



Coach Char